How To Buy Bitcoin From Remitano In 10 Simple Steps

buy bitcoins

  1.  Create an account with Remitano here 
  2. Login to Remitano
  3. Click on buy
  4. A list of possible sellers show up
    Locate one, (You will want to stay on the side of caution and *choose a seller whose account is verified*)
  5. Click on buy
  6. Enter the amount of bitcoin
  7. Enter your remitano wallet address.
  8. Click on buy bitcoin
  9. You are directed to a page… See the account details of the seller, make payment and click on “I have paid seller”.
  10. Wait for confirmation. Once confirmed, the bitcoin will be sent to your wallet. You can then transfer from your Remitano wallet to wherever (Coinbase, Blockchain, Mycelium, Xapo, etc)

    N/B You may also alert the seller via “summon seller” on the system and then chat him up. If you get an email that your trade is under dispute, no cause for alarm, it only means the seller has not yet seen the alert, just wait a while.

Voila! That simple!